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Be the Light: Daymond John Mentors Young Entrepreneur Founder of Mo’s Bows


I love seeing successful entrepreneurs mentor the next generation! Check out this clip from Shark Tank, one of my very favorite shows, where Daymond John mentors the teen owner of Mo’s Bows Memphis – it’s a great reminder for us as entrepreneurs to be the light and cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs and dreamers:

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Inspiration from my Youth Website Disney’s Dreamers Academy, Jillian Jensen’s Story and More

I’m always inspired by young people who follow their dreams and serve others right where they are. Here are some of my favorite recent stories from my youth motivation website

Jillian Jensen Shares Her Story of Facing Bullying & Inspires Us Singing Who You Are on X Factor

Jillian Jensen Shares Her Story of Facing Bullying & Inspires Us Singing Who You Are on X Factor

One of the most touching moments on this season of X Factor was when 19-year-old Jillian Jensen gave her moving version of the song “Who You Are” and shared her emotional story of facing bullying in high school…

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Opportunity: Pursue Your Dreams & Apply for Disney's Dreamers Academy

Opportunity: Pursue Your Dreams & Apply for Disney’s Dreamers Academy

Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine are looking for Dreamers for next year’s Disney Dreamers Academy where you can get the tools to help make their dreams come true…

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Olympic Inspiration: Gabrielle Douglas Tells Her Story

Olympic Inspiration: Gabrielle Douglas Tells Her Story

“…Everything is possible and just to go out there and fight. If you have this dream, just go out there and don’t be scared. Always be courageous and strong, and don’t fear. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”
- Gabrielle Douglas in an interview with Essence Magazine

16-year-old Gabrielle Douglas shares her story of perseverance that led her to the Olympics…

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Book Pick for Teens: Finding the Perfect Wave by Cheri Miklich

Book Pick for Teens: Finding the Perfect Wave by Cheri Miklich

Finding the Perfect Wave is a great book that dives into the world of Alli Whitton, a 17-year-old avid surfer who seems to have it all together. When tragedy and change crashes into her world she has to learn to readjust, and to boldly face the rough trials in her path…

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Find Your Purpose & Build Your Business: Dare Dreamer Show Interview with Author & Financial Expert Glinda Bridgforth

On this episode of the Dare Dreamer Show I get to speak to Glinda Bridgforth, a renowned financial expert, author and speaker who talks about finding your passion, starting a business, building your brand and overcoming obstacles when following your dreams. Be inspired as she shares insight for you to go beyond daydreaming to daring to take action:

More About Glinda Bridgforth

Click here to watch Glinda help families overcome their debt on Oprah’s Debt Diet

Glinda Bridgforth is a leading financial expert who explores the emotional and cultural factors that block financial success. She brings over 30 years of experience to her consulting practice, Bridgforth Financial & Associates, LLC, and specializes in a holistic approach to money management. Bridgforth is the author of: Girl, Get Your Money Straight! and with Gail Perry-Mason, she coauthored Girl, Make Your Money Grow!. Her most recent release is entitled, Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!. All of her books are Essence bestsellers.

Bridgforth has been featured in USA Today, Essence, Ebony, Money, Black Enterprise, and Jet magazines, and has been featured on television and radio shows nationwide including Oprah, The Today Show, Larry King Live, CNN, ABC News Now and Fox Business News.

She was honored as an “Influential African American” on the highly rated radio program, The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Bridgforth was one of the featured coaches on Oprah’s widely popular, six-part series “America’s Debt Diet.” She conducts workshops and lectures around the country. In 2007 she completed a four-city national tour as a keynote speaker with Bishop TD Jakes’ BEST Conferences.

Find more inspiration in other Dreamfleur Interviews:

Discovering Your Creative Calling: Soul Dreamer Interview with Visual Artist Tony Snipes

Discovering Your Creative Calling: Soul Dreamer Interview with Visual Artist Tony Snipes

“What is it that you love doing that you wouldn’t even have to have anybody pay you for?” – Tony Snipes

Tony Snipes, a visual artist gives advice to other artists on discovering their creative purpose… Read More »

My Interview With Jenna Lucado Bishop - Dreaming On In Life & Faith

Dreamfleur Interview With Jenna Lucado Bishop – Dreaming On In Life & Faith

‎”If you are going through a dry time, stop, take a deep breath, and smile. God is using ALL things, even “darker” days, for His good. He is molding and shaping your heart. You are a constant work in progress.” – Jenna Lucado Bishop.

Recently on Dream in Soul I interviewed Jenna Lucado Bishop who took the time to answer some of my questions on dreams and purpose. I was so blessed by her encouragement and what she shared… Read More »

Renaissance of a Woman Interview with Sibylla Nash, Author and Entrepreneur

Renaissance of a Woman Interview with Sibylla Nash, Author and Entrepreneur

Sibylla Nash gives advice to aspiring authors and shares how she balances many hats and passions…

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Don’t Be Afraid to Shine: Dreamer ENT Interview with the Founder of Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms

On my youth website I interviewed the 12-year-old founder of an innovative jewelry company, Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms. Hayleigh’s story will be sure to inspire you to believe that you can follow your dreams no matter the obstacles in life and to make the lives of other a little brighter…

12-year-old Hayleigh Scott shows that even when rain falls in your life, you can make the decision to shine…

You’re never too young to start your own business, but when 12-year-old Hayleigh Scott was 5-years-old she had to wait until she was a little older just to describe to her family the invention she wanted to create. She turned a circumstance in her life – having hearing impairment, into a way to spread awareness, support a greater cause, and lend a little color, sparkle and style to ears around the globe. Read all about Hayleigh’s story and shining ingenuity below:

DreamerENT: What inspired you to start your business Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms and how did it go from an idea to a business?

Hayleigh: My business started as an idea when I was 5 years old. I am severe to profoundly hearing impaired and wear hearing aids to help me hear. When I was 4 years old, I went to a school for the deaf. Like me, some of the kids were hiding their hearing aids. When I saw that, I decided that I didn’t want to hide my hearing aids anymore. We were visiting my grandparents in Texas when I first shared my idea with my parents. I was drawing at the kitchen table with my twin sister, Vienna when my mom walked in and asked us what we were drawing. I told her I was drawing charms and tube twists for hearing aids. My pictures were a little hard to understand so it took me a few years and a lot of tries to get my mom to understand what I had drawn.

She told me that she thought my ideas might be patentable. So, my mom and dad helped me prepare to make my first presentation to a patent attorney. I was only 8 and went into a board room and had to share my ideas with adults in the attorney’s office. I applied for a provisional patent and later a full patent for my products. Then, I went on to open my on-line business I also have email (, a facebook page, twitter account, and an ETSY shop as well. I have been very blessed to have distributers of my charms in both nationally and internationally. I am currently working on partnering with a major hearing aid mold company to produce part of my product line. It is very exciting.

DreamerENT: How did you learn about where to get your materials, and how to set up the business? Did you have any challenges along the way?

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Feathery Fashions: Marlo Adelle Hair Accessories


I originally posted about Marlo Adelle Hair Accessories a handmade and fashionable feathered hairclip line created by a young entrepreneur, on my youth website Dreamer ENT. I love her colorful & intricate plummette designs and how they can liven up an outfit with a cute, whimsical touch.

You can find out more about the business and how to order at


The Story Behind Marlo Adelle Hair Accessories

Marlo started making hair accessories to go with her outfits at age 14. Her friends requested personalized hair clips for themselves. Her mother helped her sew them and eventually they introduced them to local businesses in downtown Austin.

As demand increased, Marlo turned to Craig’s List for potential hairclip helpers. The helpers came to the family home, were trained and Marlo provided them patterns to trace. By the third year, Marlo was selling in 12 boutiques in Austin and in California, as well as online. In 2008 Whole Foods Market ordered her new line of romanticized feather hairclips with a vintage flare.

Giving Back

As Marlo continued to grow her business, she was involved in giving back to her community through volunteer efforts in PALS and teaching art at Laguna Gloria Art School. She traveled to the Dominican Republic to teach art to impoverished children. With three employees, Marlo plans to continue her business while in college and to expand the online business.

Source: TCU Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

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Dreamer ENT Updates: Advice for Youth from Alyson Stoner, Josh Shipp and Raymond Lei

Here are some recent posts from my youth website
Interview: Alyson Stoner and Her Mom On Healthy Habits for Back to School


Today’s tweens and teens lead busy lives, especially with school starting back up again. Sometimes in the bustle between classes, homework and after school activities they may not take the time to practice healthy habits…

Read more of the Interview: Alyson Stoner and Her Mom On Healthy Habits for Back to School

Josh Shipp Launches The Teen’s Guide to World Domination

Youth motivational expert Josh Shipp has launched a new book for teens, The Teen’s Guide to World Domination: Advice on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesomeness. The guide is full of humor and down-to-earth wisdom that helps teens improve their lives in every area – from relationships to dealing with hard times…

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Serving Up Style: Interview with Young Entrepreneur Raymond Lei Founder of ooShirts


Entrepreneurship is all about fitting your skills and creativity to serve the needs of those around you. 19-year-old Raymond Lei is doing just that as he helps people everywhere customize their style through his T-shirt company

raymondtennisshirtThe idea for ooShirts was sparked in 2006 when a group of Raymond’s classmates needed custom t-shirts for their school club, “Monta Vista Tennis Club.” Then a sophomore in high school, Raymond took up the task of finding a company to print their shirts. He looked through both local and online companies, only to discover time after time that the Tennis Club couldn’t afford to have its design printed.

Disappointed at the poor selection of affordable services, Raymond vowed to one day start a t-shirt company that saved its customers money. He gathered up $2000, began planning and in March of 2007 the first ooShirts website was launched. The site allows anyone to upload their own design, pick a shirt style and color and have their t-shirt printed and shipped. Ever since, Raymond has been serving up personalized style a tee at a time. Check out what he had to share with Dreamer ENT about being a young entrepreneur…

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