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Helping You Grow Your Creative Dreams! Julene is aninspirational singer and speaker sharing her journey and helping you on yours…

A Renaissance Soul is someone who has too many interests and passions to choose just one. That’s one way to describe the variety of experiences in the bio below:

Renaissance Dreamer

Julene loves to delve and experiment in a variety of artistic expressions for fun – from painting, event decor and writing to acting, music and photography. Her dream is to successfully balance all of her interests gracefully, melding a variety of genres and ideas together to portray messages that inspire and impact the world.

Entrepreneur & Social Venturer

editorpic“Dare to dream, and follow your dreams – no matter how impossible they may seem.” This is the life mantra of 23-year-old Julene Fleurmond, founder and president of Envibrance Studios, a creative motivational media and marketing company. Julene has been dreaming and creating entrepreneurial ventures ever since she was a child. Driven by a passion for art and writing, she launched her first business in elementary school, selling handmade greeting cards and copies of a magazine she created, to family, friends and teachers. She later developed her entrepreneurial skills at the Miami Dade College Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship Program sponsored by NFTE, and Black Enterprise Magazine’s Teenpreneur Program, where she developed her business Envibrance.


Above: Julene is featured in the new entrepreneurship education textbook from NFTE. The textbook entitled Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future, Written by Steve Mariotti, NFTE Founder, is used in the NFTE curriculum to teach high school students the art of starting and running a business. To find out more and to order the textbook visit the NFTE website at http://nfte.com.

One segment of Envibrance is Art for Humanity, a non-profit art enrichment program that mentors youth, sponsors toy drives and art contests, and provides graphic design services to schools and positive programs catering to youth. This program, which she founded through a grant from Youth Venture, has allowed Julene to reach out to children who are much like she was as a child, growing up in the inner-city. She has witnessed that using the arts as an outlet can give disadvantaged youth self-confidence to face struggles in their lives.

Envibrance has won various awards such as 2005 NFTE National Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, two City of Miami Proclamations and the Miami Herald Silver Knight Award in New Media. Julene has been featured in publications such as The Miami Herald, the National Urban League’s Opportunity Journal, and South Florida CEO Magazine. Having finished a bachelor’s degree in journalism and currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health, Julene has plans to expand Envibrance into a larger inspirational media company with an even greater range of products and services. When considering the bigger picture of her life, she often reflects on words of the Indian political and spiritual leader, Mohandas Ghandi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Visit her motivational and design company Envibrance Studios and creative product line Envibrance Dream Creations online.

Visit Envibrance Studios to learn more.


Julene is the Founder and Editor of DreaminSoul.com & DreamerENT.com, a freelance writer with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, focusing on broadcast production, magazine and multimedia journalism; specializing in creative, motivational, faith-based and wellness topics.

Visit DreamerENT.com – Youth Motivation Site:

Visit Dream in Soul – Spiritual Inspiration Site:

As a journalist Julene has had the opportunity to interview notable people such as mega-preneur and music pioneer Russell Simmons and other entrepreneurs and professionals, and music artists such as Kirk Franklin and Marvin Sapp. She has also served as a public relations director for a television/multimedia talk show where she helped facilitate and promote events and episodes with such people as Hill Harper, Tina Knowles and Kwame Jackson. Julene has contributed creative content and writing to organizations such as the National Urban League, Harvard School of Public Health, Collegepreneur Magazine, The Daily Mustang, Young Black Starz, and several others.


Writer & Upcoming Author

Ever since Julene was a child the written word has been her passion. She has had poetry published in a anthology of literature, and her story “Dragon Song” won a national Landmark Edition Written and Illustrated By Award. She has also published articles in various publications such as the National Urban League’s official publication, “Opportunity Journal”. Her specialties are in creative articles, short stories, monologues, poetry, songwriting; She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and is working on a book of inspiration, and a novel for youth/young adults to be published in the future. Stay tuned for more about her works, books and publications.


Julene has been able to speak at various conferences and events to promote entrepreneurship, health awareness and vibrant living among young people and the multicultural community. Below are a few events she has presented at:

  • National Institute of Health Main Headquarters in Washington D.C., research presentation
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Alumni Health Study Research Presentation
  • Black Enterprise Conference Presentation for Teenpreneur Program
  • Miami Dade Public Schools Teachers Board Presentation on Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Miami Dade College Presentation for the Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship Program
  • Florida Atlantic University Business Networking Presentation on Women Entrepreneurs
  • Women’s History Celebration at the University of Miami, Host of Program and made presentation on honoring inspirational women
  • Royal Rejuvenation Beauty and Wellness Fair at the University of Miami, Host and Chair of Event

Julene is available to speak about youth entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, to make presentations inspiring children and teens to embrace literacy, arts & creativity, messages/activities for children’s & youth ministry events, and workshops to inspire girls to be confident.

Click here to learn about Envibrance Wings for Youth Motivational Services.

Life Learner & Lover: Spiritual

Julene teaches youth Sunday school classes at her church, and throughout the life she has realized the truth in the verse “to whom much is given, much is expected.” (Luke 12:48). For this reason, she has strived to use her talents to bless others any way she can. Knowing that nothing is impossible with Him, Julene credits her successes to her faith in God and attempts to live by the creed “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:11-13.

Life Learner & Lover: Health and Sciences

Julene has always been in love with the sciences and finding out what makes the human body tick. She has pursued pre-medical studies as a minor at her University and since high school has attended summer research programs at the following institutions:

  • National Institute of Health main headquarters in Washington D.C.
  • Children’s Hospital Boston
  • Boston University
  • Harvard School of Public Health
  • Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention
  • Harvard Medical School
  • University of Miami
  • Charles Drew University
  • Miami Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Boston Area Health Education Center
  • Julene hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in public health and to become involved in medical journalism, medical illustration and the promotion of public health awareness in inner-city areas.

    Visual Artist

    Julene has pursued the visual arts ever since she was a child. She has always enjoyed painting, drawing, and other arts and crafts and attempts to use her abilities as gifts to others. In high school she attended an advanced art program at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston where she was able to further skills. She has won several art competitions in the Boston area, and minored in fine art and advertising at the University of Miami. She works in traditional fine art methods and graphic design, specializing in acrylic & watercolor illustration, apparel, event branding, digital storytelling and multimedia project design.

    After winning first place in a group multimedia and web design competition, with a project commemorating the civil rights advocate Ida B. Wells Barnett and which was recognized by the National Urban League, Julene realized her love for using graphic design and multimedia as a method of educating, inspiring and expressing truth. She founded her media company Envibrance Studios while still in high school.



    Latest News & Ventures

    Follow Your Dreams Boldly: Inspiration from the Story of One of My Favorite Dreamers & Speaking Your Story


    Sometimes it’s what you’re most afraid of that’s part of your purpose 👀 – for me that was speaking! 😰 These are the confessions of a former major introvert… I used to shake in my boots literally on-stage and even when I had to talk in class as a kid my heart would beat loudly…😩 Growing up shy I hardly talked as a little girl and people would ask my mom if I was mute🤐. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I squeaked Oprah👑 – I wanted to speak and use my voice to inspire others but didn’t know how i was gonna cause I was too scared.😖

    Through practice and perseverance I got through that fear and surprisingly now speaking is my FAVORITE thing to do! I find myself on stages and in classrooms (where I’d probably pass out or drown in a puddle of my own sweat years ago🚣🏽💁🏽) speaking my story and singing encouraging songs🎤 to inspire other kids who were like me to overcome their fears and live their big dreams…🔥

    Recently I got to speak with a group of teen girls in Dallas (some of them pictured here) about the journey of dreams💖 – how God has a big dream for each of our lives and how even when things get tough everything works together for good for those who live on Purpose.💥 We talked about the story of Joseph the Dreamer in the Bible who is my fave (go watch the Emmy-award winning movie based it, it’s awesome and Joseph ain’t too hard on the eyes;) and how even when he was in a pit and the prison he trusted God and served others with his gifts until his big dream came true. God used all of those trials to develop him into a true, powerful leader who would go on to save his people – a foreshadowing of another great leader to come… 👑


    Ever since I was younger God told me my story was like Joseph’s and the word “dream” was always in my heart. Everything about my businesses and life had the word dream included somehow since I was a kid (as did gifts my friends gave me pictured here🎁). Like Joseph I overcame years of confusing circumstances and now I’m living out the very dreams I had written down years before – speaking, singing, serving others’ dreams and creating a multimedia company that inspires youth to live on purpose. With Love everything is possible💖 – so go follow your dreams and dare to share your story – someone needs to hear you speak about how you overcame too. I truly believe your story can set someone free and I believe in you!

    Love and peace ✌️ Julene

    P.S. Have a group of kids or teens who could use some inspiration through speaking, singing and a creative interactive presentation? Feel free to send me a line and let me know how I could help!💞 Together we can inspire the next generation!

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    Fly High Into Your Dreams: Conversation with Founders of Queen Girls Turning Stories of Real Women Into Fairy Tales

    Do you have a creative dream you’d love to grow this year? Come hangout with me and the founders of Queen Girls to be inspired to Dream BIG! Anything is possible if you work strategically and put an engine on your vision…

    If you’re like me and have a deep passion for empowering our kids and youth then you’ll love this project created by these inspiring ladies. Queen Girls is a series of children’s books that turn stories of real women into fairy tales to encourage them to live out their dreams.

    When I first saw this amazing project I was immediately drawn in like YES! This is what our girls need to see, that their dreams are possible and that they shouldn’t be afraid to dream BIG – and the same for you and I! Stay tuned for more from our conversation where we talk about how we can empower kids together and what kids teach us about living more fully and vibrantly.

    The first book in the Queen Girls series shares the story of the first African American woman pilot Bessie Coleman and the illustrations are so vibrant, enchanting and engaging. You can help bring this project to life by donating to the IndieGogo campaign and pre-ordering your copy to help bring these books to children in need of inspiration and connect with them on social media and their website: www.queengirlspublications.com



    Above: Inspiring youngin’s LEGO Movie-style… One of my favorite things to do is create and speak at experiences and workshops merging music, drama and interaction for kids and youth to inspire them to live their dreams boldly in purpose. Together we can inspire the next generation! – Julene

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    You Are Loved…Thanks for Letting Me Be Part of Your World


    You is loved – how bow dah?💖 Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and God sees you😍 – you’re the treasure He cherishes even more than Ariel does hers 💎👑💍 🐠- heehee this is my corny Bae Day card to you to say that you’re special to me – you outta da sea awesome🏝 and I LOVE that YOU’re Part of My World – how bout dah?😁😑 Okay I’ll stop with the terrible puns🙄 but know that even if you don’t gotta bae today you are beautiful and worthy and so very Loved! 😘 Love Julene XOXO Happy Love Day (which is everyday for me). Thanks for giving me the honor of being part of your world!

    P.S. Can you tell I love Disney movies and the Little Mermaid? 💁🏽Love may not be picture perfect but true Love is better than a Disney movie or fairy tale… When you find true Love – the kind of Love that’s unconditional, passionate and everlasting you’ve found everything you need. God is Love…


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    Be a New You Everyday: Let Your Dreams Flourish



    We don’t have to be confined to a calendar to have a new beginning – everyday is New Year’s Day – a fresh new start to live and flourish on purpose!🌺

    This year I encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and passions, to water and nourish those dreams you may have buried. It’s never too late to live your dreams – you were made for the visions that were planted in your heart so get going! 💖 I’m here on the journey with you and am cheering you on!

    Much love, Julene💓

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    Let Your Heart Be Full of Joy and Songwriting Sessions


    I love the wonder and joy of the Christmas season – especially how kids remind us of how fun it is to anticipate great things🎁 and enjoy life in a carefree way. Whatever you may be going through right now I pray your heart is filled and overflows with that kind of childlike joy🙌, light🔥, love💓 and peace✌🏾️ that surpasses understanding not just now but into the New Year and beyond!

    You are so very loved – believe it baby, let Love give you the freedom to anticipate and have hope for great things ahead and courage to live out your purpose to create the life of your dreams!😘 much love – Julene

    P.S. Some things are better expressed in songs – here’s a snippet of the lyrics of one of my songs “Take It Back” about redeeming the freedom, hope and joy we had at the beginning of our lives, stay tuned for more from my songwriting sessions…


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    Dream So Big…


    When you have a God-dream 💖 it goes way beyond yourself, it has the good of other people in mind and takes you where you never thought you’d go…it’s like you’re a kid on an awesome adventure with your Dad a King👑🙌🏻🦁 better than any movie…🎬 (This pic was taken at Christ for the Nations – these people have truly impacted my life, thank you CFNI!) I used to dream so small, dreams that only included me and my desires and passions but God can teach us to dream with Him and have a passion for His plans, for the broken and the world…🌎

    He has a dream of everyone discovering His love💞 and truth and being brought back to Him. Let’s dream and partner with our Father to help His dreams come true…give us the nations Daddy, give us a bigger dream and sense of purpose that we couldn’t come up with on our own, to rock this world with Love, Love, Love…💓 Dream BIG dreams, higher, deeper dreams that have a ripple effect on other people and that require intervention from the One greater than yourself! My mentor Cindy Thienard once wrote me an encouraging note that said: “You have a gift…I am excited and the word of God says! ‘Eyes have not seen👀, nor ears have heard👂🏼, nor has it entered into the minds of man the things I have for those who love ME!’ Love God and Dream! So BIG! that only God! can REPLY!” Now THAT’s how we should dream!

    He says “Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession…” Psalm 2:8

    “Even before I was born, the Lord God chose me to serve him and to lead back
    the people of Israel.
    So the Lord has honored me and made me strong.
    Now the Lord says to me, “It isn’t enough for you to be merely my servant…” “It’s too small a thing (NIV)” “I have placed you here as a light
    for other nations;
    you must take my saving power
    to everyone on earth.” Isaiah 49:5-6 CEV

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