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Hey DareDreamer, what are you afraid of – YOU were made for this!

Here at the Dare Dreamer Movement on you’ll find inspiration and resources that will motivate and assist you in pursuing your passions and building your creative business or career.
Boldly live out your purpose and dreams to brighten the lives of others!

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I know how it feels to be discouraged, afraid and trying to live out your dreams alone…Need a cheerleader (that’s me;) to motivate you on your journey of dreams? Join Our Community to Share Your Dreams, and Get Support, Inspiration and Motivation for Your Purpose!

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Overcome Fear to Live Out Your Dreams…

Speak up – because the world needs your voice and your purpose! I’m a creative dream reviver, actress, singer and speaker who has pushed through fear to reclaim my voice. I went for years in silence, paralyzed by insecurity and social anxiety, and why it’s so important for you to speak up! Now I’m living wild and free, dreaming and playing through life in the wonder of love, in awe of purpose, with childlike boldness and boundless creativity…

DreamFleur: Creative Inspiration Suite

Creative Living, Venturing & Passion Balancing

DreamFleur is Julene Fleurmond, a young writer, journalist, artist, dreamer and entrepreneur, and a collection of the things that inspire her to live creatively.

DreamFleur is all about embracing your purpose, nourishing your dreams and making them flourish. The site features stories, examples and inspiration from dreamers who have grown their creative passions into careers, or businesses, and learned how to meld them into their daily lives. These stories are presented in hopes to motivate others to take hold of their own creative passions and realize that the dreams meant for you can come true.

What is a DreamFleur? Fleur is literally French for flower or blossom. is for the person who lives creatively, with flair. The site encourages others to be renaissance dreamers who dare to dream, try new things, explore the world, take risks, bloom and watch the seeds you sow come to fruition. Dare to dream, and know that with persistence and passion, your dreams can become a vivid reality.

editorspicWho Is DreamFleur? DreamFleur aka Julene Fleurmond is the editor of this site, a young woman learning to balance all of her passions in life and attempting to become a “Renaissance Dreamer” by pursuing her different types of interests gracefully. She’s a young entrepreneur, artist, writer, designer, and dreamer hoping to inspire others through her art, writing, creative projects and experiences. Click here to learn more about Julene.



    One Response to “ Join the Movement ”

    1. Everything you design comes alive! You truly have a gift
      and I pray you allow God to take to NEWER Heights!

      Dreamfleur! I am motivated I too want to be an a

      Translated Dream Flower in the bloom! I am excited and
      the word of God says! Eyes have not seen, Nor ears have
      heard, nor has it entered into the minds of man the things
      I have for those who love ME! Love God baby and Dream!
      So BIG! that only God! can REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!