Renaissance of a Woman

Below are some of my favorite resources for women that inspire them to live and grow into their purpose.

Life Growth and Development for Women

  • Brenda Bertrand – Life Coach
  • Brenda’s mission is to equip the next generation of women for personal and professional leadership. She has committed her life and invested over fifteen years in active engagement and research to keep an attentive ear to what this generation wants for their future, and the complex challenges they face.

  • Valorie Burton – Life Coach & Speaker
  • A personal and executive coach who has served hundreds of clients in 40 states and seven countries, Valorie Burton is the author of five books on personal development, including How Did I Get So Busy?, Listen to Your Life, and What’s Really Holding You Back ? She is deeply committed to helping people be more resilient so they can thrive in life and work. She helps readers and audiences get unstuck, be more productive, and live with balance and purpose.

  • Dr. Robin Smith
  • Dr. Robin L. Smith is a national television personality, best selling author, ordained minister, keynote speaker, and licensed psychologist. Dr. Smith’s relationship book, Lies At The Altar – The Truth About Great Marriages has been a #1 National Bestseller on the lists of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, Entertainment Weekly and many other publications. Dr. Smith’s first book, Inspirational Vitamins, A Guide To Personal Empowerment – Foreword written by Stevie Wonder has been received with great enthusiasm and acclaim. She is also a contributing author for the book The Audacity of Faith. Whether on television, addressing one of her convention or seminar audiences or preaching a sermon, Dr. Robin, as she is affectionately called, is best known for delivering a powerful and practical message. Audiences love her because she is down-to-earth and shares information using humor and compassion.

Spiritual Resources for Women



Favorite Magazines for Women

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