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When You’re Looking for Light and Hope Know This…

When we can’t see the light there is something constant and beautiful we can hold onto💖, here’s a story that reminds us of this unseen hope when we wonder where love is…

Once upon a sacred union there was a woman who had perfect Love in the beginning- but she was deceived and let her eyes wander. She disregarded Love’s truth and faithfulness for a taste of the forbidden, and in a bite of weakness she became blinded, disillusioned…
Even in her infidelity her True Love kept pursuing her, continuing to draw her in to be reunited, not letting her be consumed by the darkness of her mistakes, giving an eternal hope that loss could never conquer. Her Love calls to her out from hiding, gently beckoning her to seek and be found. He gave up the most prized of all, and gave the greatest gift so that their relationship could be restored even deeper and more passionate than before…
Because you see, once upon a perfect place before there was time, there was Love. He gave His life for you and I so we would know what True Love is…ultimate sacrifice, never-ending faithfulness, laying down one’s desires and life for another. We can be fulfilled & know True Love when we fully embrace Him. Whatever you’re facing today and when we can’t see the light in the world know this: You are loved more than you know and there’s more to your story than you can see.❤️ Love can be our strength & wisdom when we don’t understand, if we will seek…
“This is how God showed His love among us: He sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him…And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them…” “This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4

(Video footage in the forest is just a snippet from an amazing artist Cordell Franklin, thank you for your gift).

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Share Your Passions and Love With All Your Heart

The world and the people around you could always enjoy some more love💞 so give it away, and give yourself and your gifts to others with all your heart💝! Here’s one way I give away love and share my passions…a few months back I found a livestreaming site kinda like Periscope but the audience is mostly kids & teens (some of my favorite kinda people:). I really felt led to be a light & start streaming fun, uplifting broadcasts sharing characters I sketch to inspire my stories🎨, singing songs I write🎤 and just sprinkling some inspiration and love to the awesome peeps who tune in. It turned out to be really fun especially getting to encourage people & talk about dreams✨, life & fun stuff with a spontaneous dance-off here and there (fun, hilarious times😁) with people I meet and guest who sometimes also share their art with me.

If you’ve got a passion for art or music or anything else but feel amateur or disqualified I say go for it anyways – that’s what I share with young artists on my broadcasts – the more you create and hone your craft, even if for fun and therapy to relieve stress and make life brighter, the better you get and the more light🔥 & love 💖you spread into the world! This is me, #drawingwhileblack. Follow the hashtag to see more work by inspiring artists!🎨

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Fly High Into Your Dreams: Conversation with Founders of Queen Girls Turning Stories of Real Women Into Fairy Tales

Do you have a creative dream you’d love to grow this year? Come hangout with me and the founders of Queen Girls to be inspired to Dream BIG! Anything is possible if you work strategically and put an engine on your vision…

If you’re like me and have a deep passion for empowering our kids and youth then you’ll love this project created by these inspiring ladies. Queen Girls is a series of children’s books that turn stories of real women into fairy tales to encourage them to live out their dreams.

When I first saw this amazing project I was immediately drawn in like YES! This is what our girls need to see, that their dreams are possible and that they shouldn’t be afraid to dream BIG – and the same for you and I! Stay tuned for more from our conversation where we talk about how we can empower kids together and what kids teach us about living more fully and vibrantly.

The first book in the Queen Girls series shares the story of the first African American woman pilot Bessie Coleman and the illustrations are so vibrant, enchanting and engaging. You can help bring this project to life by donating to the IndieGogo campaign and pre-ordering your copy to help bring these books to children in need of inspiration and connect with them on social media and their website: www.queengirlspublications.com



Above: Inspiring youngin’s LEGO Movie-style… One of my favorite things to do is create and speak at experiences and workshops merging music, drama and interaction for kids and youth to inspire them to live their dreams boldly in purpose. Together we can inspire the next generation! – Julene

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Empowering Youth to Dream and Fly Project

I mentioned before that I’m finishing up my doctoral program in leadership for youth – which is a fancy way to say I’m working on making the world a better place for kids. (Look I made it here to the home stretch, I almost quit because I thought it wasn’t for me but then realized I was here for a greater purpose. School is the reason I had put my business and projects on pause for a long while so I could focus – so prepare to see more of me when I am set free). Though I was that nerdy bookworm who got good grades, school was never really my thing as an artistic ADD kid – part of the reason why I’m here to change the way things are for the next generation…

My motivation for getting through the program is that we’re creating something we can actually use and change lives with. The journey has been hard but surprisingly fun – I’ve gotten so inspired and found my passion to empower young people has grown even more. I get to work with kids every week and seeing the crazy pressures they go through in this world breaks my heart! So many of the kids go through a rough time at home, then they have pressures at school and with friends – so many ways for them to “turn up” and get in trouble…they’re so in need of positive role models and examples.

For my final project for school I’m working on my dream project and turning it into real life. My research is on how the arts can be used as a positive way to influence youth. I’ve always dreamed of creating a media organization that had only positive entertainment for young people – entertainment that inspired them to live a better life and helped them to become the changemakers in this world. So much of what’s in the media, the Internet, TV and in music today is so negative and it’s basically schooling kids in the wrong way. For my project, which is going beyond a school assignment into an actual living, breathing reality, I’m working with others to create entertainment with a greater purpose. This is kind of expanding on the work I did in undergrad at SMU when I got a grant to create workshops and a website to inspire kids to be creative and social entrepreneurs to change the world, DreamerENT.com. The goal now is to create positive original video content with substance, to begin with a fun but important “show” that delves into topics going on in the world today that affect young people (like my inspiration Oprah Winfrey did for me and my generation).

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Pointers on the Pursuit of Purpose: Dream in Soul Magazine Interview with Life Coach Leslie Denman

Here’s an inspiring interview I did at my magazine for young adults DreaminSoul.com – I love what my friend Leslie Denman, a life coach, author and mentor, shares about discovering your purpose…

Society sometimes sets aside “teenhood” and the early twenties as those fun, carefree years – but what better opportunity to discover who you are and explore what you were made for when you don’t yet have all of the responsibilities that come later in life. Everyone has purpose and we as young people can serve God right where we are, impacting our friends, using our gifts and serving others in our corner of the world…

Leslie Denman is passionate about young people and helping them to find and pursue their purpose while they are young. She is a certified Life Purpose and Teen Empowerment Coach (in other words when it comes to purpose, she knows her stuff;) and the founder of the organization Girls Living Life On Purpose, Inc. based in Dallas, TX. In this Interview Coach Leslie gives pointers on pursuing God and purpose boldly right where you are…

Dream in Soul: Hi, can you tell us a little about you and what do you do?

Coach Leslie Denman: I am a believer passionate about empowering people for purpose. As a Christian Life Coach, I am a Missionary of Hope to the countless women and girls that God assigns to me. I partner with the Holy Spirit to bring about transformation to the lives of people through coaching, speaking and training. I have a wonderful husband of fourteen years and two beautiful daughters and my most recent accomplishment that brings me so much joy is answering the call to ministry as a licensed minister.

DS: What inspired you to work with teens, especially young women? What were your own teen years like and how did you get grounded in God into your own purpose?

Leslie Denman: My inspiration to work with teen girls and young women started with my own search for significance and purpose. The last thing I thought my calling was – was to work with teens especially girls. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29 and I asked God to reveal His purpose for my life. I declared to God that if He spared my life and revealed my purpose, I would spend the rest of my life fulfilling that purpose. I am happy to say that I am still here.

This journey has been remarkable. Looking back over my life and growing up in Omaha, TX, I remember standing in the mirror of my room hearing this small voice telling me that I was going to be great. I had no idea what I would be doing or how it was going to happen but I believed that voice. I carefully and secretly tucked that belief away in my heart. I had great parents and our life was pretty normal that is until I found myself pregnant at the tender age of fourteen and even then, I felt God’s hands of grace and mercy upon me. My parents made sure we were active in church and grew up hearing the word of God. God used that experience in my life to draw me closer to Him.

I remember going to church and watching people sing, shout and praise God and I would think “What is that all about.” I was a young girl with a heavy burden and I wanted to feel what those people were feeling. I wanted to be free. I would ask God in my own lil’ way to help me know Him like that. Soon I would find myself angry and frustrated for many years to come. At the time I did not know that God was answering my prayer.

DS: What is the first thing you would say to someone about pursuing their purpose? How does s/he discern what it is and move forward to pursuing it?

Leslie Denman: Great question. The first thing I would say is “WHY? Why are you pursuing your purpose?” May seem like a simple question, even strange to some but it is the answering of this question, you hear the heart and motive of the individual. Luke 6:45 says “for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” Discovering your purpose is just the tip of the iceberg. Walking it out is like an award-winning drama complete with plots, schemes and twists. An individual clear about their WHY will not only discover their purpose but they will walk it out in a spirit of excellence. Discerning one’s purpose can be both exciting and yet frustrating. It’s exciting in that you will discover that you are gifted and passionate about so many things; frustrating in that you don’t know what to pursue…

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It’s Your Time to Shine! Double Your Followers with CreativeLive & April Bowles Olin Plus My Top Tip for Growing Your Creative Dreams


This post is a part of the Double Your Followers blog tour to spread the word about April Bowles-Olin’s upcoming CreativeLive course. Does hearing the word ‘marketing’ make your armpits start to drip with anxiety? Are you terrified of sounding salesy or like you have the personality of a dead blowfish? If so, come join me and 2,500+ entrepreneurs who’re taking April’s latest CreativeLive course, Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing. You can RSVP and watch for FREE. Yep, free. High fives, wildflowers, wine samples. Who doesn’t love free?

April Bowles Olin is one of my favorite creative experts and I love the courses she’s done on CreativeLive – my very favorite platform for learning about everything creative (click here to check out my previous blog tour post about her CreativeLive course on building your creative blog – I learned so much and April and her partner in creativity Mayi also inspired me to wear a tutu, see the evidence below!;)


April’s upcoming course “Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing” caught my interest and I wanted to share it with you all to share the love on reaching your audience to grow your creative dreams. As a visual artist, writer and actress I know what it feels like to have the passion to create but not so much knowledge about sharing my art with the world.


One of my favorite ways of growing my creative business is through speaking. I’ve been doing live speaking events for several years now and have found that with every event I do I grow my audience and get new requests from clients. I like to get creative with my speaking engagements, and since I often speak to groups of parents and their kids to speak about dreams and entrepreneurship it’s not uncommon for me to bring props and special guests like Batman to do creative opening skits (see below;) or to dress up as a superhero myself (the kids love it:). You can do live speaking engagements in any format you’d like – get creative with it and make it your own!

If the thought of public speaking strikes terror in your heart – fear not! There are so many ways of sharing your voice and your story that can be effective in engaging your audience. The funny thing is I used to shake in my boots, literally at the prospect of speaking on stage, after years of suffering with social anxiety but now I look forward to it!


When you speak at events it sets you apart as an expert as well as puts you in front of people who can relate to you on a more personal level than if they merely came across your website because when you speak they get to see your amazing personality and heart shining through your words. Also, I believe whatever your business it’s so important to share your voice and your story. Everyone has purpose and people to reach to give hope with their story and what you’ve accomplished or overcome – whether you’re helping women become more confident with your product or service or if you’re passionate about empowering kids and teens discover purpose and entrepreneurship at a young age, like I do.

It’s Time to Speak Up and Shine

If speaking on a big stage is not for you, here are some other ways for you to grow your creative business through speaking up:

  • Start Small, Make a Big Bang - Instead of doing big keynote speeches you can do smaller workshops at local libraries, churches, universities, or even host one at your home to teach on a topic you’re passionate about. I’ve done this by speaking at schools and youth events, sharing with smaller groups of teens. Workshops are usually more personal and interactive then keynote speaking and you can bring activities and creative printed materials for people to bring home because there are less people – workshops are definitely one of my favorite ways of sharing with others.

  • Show Up and Shine – Come up with topics to pitch to local news stations to share a segment on a relevant issue that can be newsworthy for them as well as reach your audience to share your expertise. I’ve spoken on my local ABC affiliate about motivating youth through entrepreneurship and afterwards got emails and requests through my website. You can also reach out to podcasts and online shows as well – or even start your own podcast or online show.

  • aprilonperiscope

  • Of Course – You Can Do It! Create an online course, creative Youtube videos or webinars sharing your expertise. You can find an already existing platform like April is doing on Creativelive or create your own online video course (April shares amazing tips on how to create a course in her blog series here).

  • Real Talk, Real Time – Do livestreams sharing your expertise, behind-the-scenes of your business and being yourself! The app Periscope is an amazing way to do this – it connects you to people around the world in real time and allows you to connect and interact. It’s also so personal and raw, you can wear make up if you’d like or not and you don’t have to worry about editing your bloopers or a fancy set-up except for your phone and a tripod because it’s less “high maintenance” then other platforms – this is where you can be YOU – raw and uncut.

    Check out April’s tips on getting started on Periscope here and follow her here. (By the way you can follow me on Periscope @Dreamfleur where I share inspiration on following your dreams!:)

  • Short and Sweet – I also love sharing quick tips and inspiration in videos on other platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Vine – pick which platform works best for you and do your thang! The more people see your lovely face and hear your unique personality come through your voice the more they’ll trust and realize how much they like you! ;)

Your voice is powerful! Find ways to get in front of your audience and DareDreamer rise up and shine! If I, a formerly painfully shy wallflower can do it, anyone can! You were made for this – to share your voice and live on purpose! The world awaits…

Below I share my voice in a quick video to inspire you (bottom left photo credit: Thank you Sue Bryce, I love her work!).

P.S. Click here to visit my creative shop Envibrance and find inspirational apparel, journal and mug designs like the Live Boldly Everyone Has Purpose and the Dreamer Shirt in this post.

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