The Dreamer Rejuvenation Project: Move More, Sit Less to Get Your Creativity Refreshed (& Cooper Aerobics Guest Blog)

Above: A Renaissance-inspired chalk drawing my friends and I created in high school dedicated to the Vitruvian Man (don’t worry he’s holding a bowl of fruit in front of him;) – or in this case the Vitruvian Dreamer with my additions of the moon, stars, landscape and soaring bird. Leonardo Di Vinci’s work, with the attention to detail and anatomical accuracy, is one example of the merging of art and science during that period.

Along with my passion for all things creative, I’ve also felt called to encourage artists and dreamers of all types to take care of their bodies better – how can you create well if you’re not feeling well, and what’s the good of making a masterpiece if you’re minimizing your optimal years here and ignoring the beauty in the health of your body?

My conviction for health started with my own experiences and story, realizing how my daily habits were the cause of stress and avoidable ailments that often slowed down my productivity (including blogging) and made me pursue the art of creative wellness. My long-term aim is to create a unique approach to taking care of your body – moving more, eating right – that is less intimidating & drudging. Health shouldn’t be a nuisance to your schedule and pleasure, but an intentional, integral and balanced part of being a creative dreamer who respects and lives life in full color in all areas.

Believe me I know the dread of wanting to lay on the bed instead of getting up for that work out, or the lure of those crunchy munchies (I’ll just have one more:). My dream is once day to encourage others, and myself to see the beauty in their bodies and in healthy living, and move away from the standard of unbridled indulgence our society sets (another helping of “processed-ness” anyone?)

I’ve started the Dreamer Rejuvenation Project on the blog to creatively share tips for others (and myself) to make those changes (you know those ones I’m talking about) that will help you feel better and be better for the long run.

Above: A picture from a beauty, health and wellness event I hosted at my University a few years back called “Royal Rejuvenation,” one of the inspirations behind this new series.

This summer as part of my public health program I got to intern at The Cooper Institute, an amazing research and educational organization that encourages a whole lifestyle of living well, eating better and moving more. Cooper Aerobics, the overall organization, was founded by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D. who is called the “Father of Aerobics,” an Air Force physician who became a forerunner of providing evidence for the role of exercise in preserving health.

During my time at Cooper I got to meet amazing people along with learning about and experiencing various facets of what goes on there, from visiting the fitness center to blogging for their new healthy lifestyle website I wanted to share my first blog here, on the importance of limiting your couch and desk potato tendencies.

As a creative I spend so many hours sitting at my desk, drawing, blogging, designing, writing – the list goes on. I’ve been feeling the effects of all of those hours of inactivity, and learning all about how harmful sitting really is – it doesn’t do the body good. Here’s my blog describing the effects of prolonged sitting and ideas to get your own potato out of that chair to get rejuvenated…

Click here to read my post “Don’t Be a Desk Potato: Ways to Get Moving…” on the Cooper Institute blog

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