HeartBlooms: You’re Never Alone

There are times in what we might call loneliness where people have drawn away from us, God is drawing us into deep fellowship and intimacy that few have experienced because they wouldn’t be still. Don’t run from seasons of silence and solitude but seek to hear His voice – He’s always there and speaking. Those are the times when you can get to know Him like never before and to discover your purpose in Him.

There was a span of time where I was experiencing aloneness, after most of my friends had graduated and moved away. In the quietness of that time I first felt frustrated and lost, wondering why there seemed to be no I could relate to. After seeking God I found that it was in these times when we are not being bombarded by the noisiness of the world that God speaks, really speaks to us and draws us into our destiny.

Prolonged total isolation is never a good idea, when you find there is no one in your close circle, find a way to serve others and reach out to someone who may also need a friend – we were made for fellowship and that’s where we grow and thrive. However, don’t be afraid to take time to get away from the bustle and distractions of life to embrace those times of fellowship with your Creator, He’s waiting to get your undivided attention…

– Julene

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