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I found these pictures from my high school days when our art club had a chalk drawing contest. Above is my group’s Renaissance-inspired drawing dedicated to the Vitruvian Man. Don’t worry he’s holding a bowl of fruit in front of him. Can you tell who added the moon, stars, and bird soaring? Yeah that was me and my obsession with my dream theme.

Below is another groups’ rendition of ‘Ms. Jackson’, after her “wardrobe malfunction”, but as a mermaid on a seashell! I think they won the contest and I see why, so talented:


Here’s one of our school mascot, the Bull:


It’s nice to remember my high school days at Miami Northwestern (where I went for my last two years of high school). They had great art and medical programs, and a great athletics program to boot (they won the national football championship last year here in Dallas. Go Bulls!)

(A screenshot of a website design I did for MNW

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