You Are Loved More Than You Can Imagine…


Card and flowers? Yeah, they’re for you…I wanted to remind you of how valuable you are, beautifully made and filled with purpose. You are loved so much more than you can ever imagine or dream! Believe it.

I wish I could adequately describe just how much you are loved, so you could grasp how deep and wide, how long and high it goes, to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that’s better than life…

When I first discovered this love, more riveting than any fairy tale or dream, I came alive from deep sleep, like a princess awakened by a sweet kiss to her prince who risked his life defeating the dragon to break the curse and save me. I became a little girl again, dancing carefree with childlike awe, wonder, and whimsy, believing anything was possible – because it is…

To know that you are loved this much makes you realize your life is worth living on purpose, it gives you permission to play and freedom to dream. No matter where you find yourself in life, what darkness you’ve endured or your relationship status know this one thing – you are loved forever, more than you can imagine or dream and there’s nothing greater or more real than this love.

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