Grow Your Dream While Watering Another’s: A Glimpse of My Journey

Some say that when you don’t build your dreams, somebody else will hire you to build theirs. This may be true but what’s so wrong with helping someone else build their dreams if it is for a greater purpose that will benefit the lives of many.

One of my life mantras is that their is greatness in service and often before seeing our dreams come to fruition we may be called to help someone else’s vision. It’s important for us to have discernment on when it’s time for us to move on our own dreams, but faithfully serving in a greater mission can sow seeds of character, wisdom and relationships that make you richer than when you began.

Over the past year I’ve been a part of an amazing internship where I was able to be a small part of something big. The journey was difficult and and I sowed much time and energy, but I come out all the richer because of being able to build others’ dreams and meeting some of the most amazing people that have forever changed my life. Below meet some of those people and see a glimpse of our journey of finding purpose:

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