DreamFood: Be An Early Adopter of Someone’s Success

There is such a need for mentors and people who will lift one another up in their dreams and purpose. It’s so common for the masses to wait and jump on the bandwagon after someone’s already “made it.” Life would be so much richer if we took the time to nurture potential in those around us, even if at no other benefit to ourselves then to see another grow…

Be an “early adopter” & supporter of someone else’s success; sometimes the spark one needs is another who will believe in them and walk with them into purpose. When you invest in someone else, you grow and learn as well. As it’s said “you reap what you sow,” – your deposit may draw in others who will nurture your purpose too.

I’ve been so blessed to have amazing mentors in my life, and have seen first hand how growth occurs when we sow into one another. – Julene

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