Illusion or Reality: The Creativity of Jim Munroe’s “Magic” MAZE

Jim Munroe’s show the MAZE is an amazing experience that goes beyond the typical “magic show.” I got to see some of his tricks in person at a campus event I attended a few years back, and loved how he merges illusion, humor and his own story to inspire. Jim says he loved playing with cards since he was a child and I love how he turned a passion of his into a unique endeavor.

Click here to hear Jim’s story of how he faced a serious diagnosis and dealt with reality.

Watch a preview of the MAZE show below:

More About MAZE

MAZE is an experience that escapes the boundaries of any single definition. In stark contrast to the typical “magic show”, MAZE presents a unique blend of illusion, intuition, psychology, humor, mystery and danger.

The events that happen during a MAZE show leave you entertained, bewildered, distrubed and inadvertantly pondering the question “How can I know what is really true?”

MAZE exists to make waves in the ocean of the widely accepted, rarely challenged, cultural definition of truth.

Designed to evoke emotion, provoke dialogue regarding what you believe to be true, and to expose the rampant deception that exists in present day culture.

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