“My Last Day Without You” A Love Movie to Love and Filmmaking Inspiration


I happened to come across this movie on Netflix and it’s the cutest thing ever – a breath of fresh air and so sweet. It stars Nicole Beharie (from Sleepy Hollow) and Ken Duken (whose not hard on the eyes;), and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something uplifting, has elements of faith, romance and a story you can both laugh about and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The music is also amazing – Nicole can sang…Here’s a little story behind the movie from the filmmakers – I’m a screenwriter and love hearing how creatives bring their art to life:

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You’re Made to Dream Uniquely Ever Since the Beginning…


We create & dream because our Father dreams – you are Love’s dream, part of His great story…When we create we are reflecting the Creator and who He uniquely, beautifully created us to be since the beginning…


Dare to be and dream differently – express who God created you to be through everything you do! He made you fearfully and wonderfully in Love💖, with ideas, quirks and a combination of talents no one else has! You weren’t made to be “normal,” for comparison or to fit in – it’s embracing your uniqueness and daring to break out of the box and break some rules that makes you stand out.

You are a gift💝 but you weren’t made to be boxed it🎁 – color outside the lines to pioneer a new path that no one has seen…People like Walt Disney🐭 and Oprah Winfrey🎬 inspire me (I might have been their wild child😜) because they paved new paths, defined their own success and innovated unique dreams that did not exist before and didn’t wait for anyone’s validation.

For the longest time I felt pressured to do what others expected me to or to fit a mold so others can like me but that’s no way to live! Dare to be you to the full and live your dreams differently the way God gives it to you, not how society says you have to – we don’t have to conform to that pattern but we’re made to bring a whole new way of living to Earth.

Sometimes your “weakness,” flaws and the things you don’t know can become your greatest strengths! Embrace your weird and be quirky, silly😼, funny, creative and most of all you because no one else can be beautifully YOU and live your dreams like only you can👈🏽, how He intended you to since the beginning…

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Dream Deeper and Bigger: Your Purpose and Love Can Change Lives

Smile😀 to brighten someone's day! Dream a dream bigger than you, like Dr. King did, and together we can light up the word! 💖🔥🎆🌎 God put big dreams in your heart beyond what the world calls success because His biggest Dream is to see all of His kids come back to Him so we all can play and party together some day! ✌🏻️🎉👑😇💁🏽 Sometimes I think certain people and situations are in our lives to show us how He can empower us to love radically like Jesus did – the kind of love that don't make sense to most – that's unconditional, not condemning even if we feel hurt (remember our real enemy is invisible and loves to distract us with silly offenses) and is not about our feelings or self interests…the kind of love that the world will scratch it's head at like huh??

A photo posted by Julene 💖 #DareDreamer Network (@daredreamernet) on

I find myself dreaming like Dr. King – there’s the realization that comes that we were sent here to have a greater impact then just sharing our gifts and talents but to embrace a higher purpose. God put big dreams in our hearts beyond what the world calls success because His biggest Dream is to see all of His kids come back to Him. Together we can make the Dream God gave Dr. King an even greater reality by becoming love and peace to everyone we see – even those who wrong us. My big dream is to show kids, youth and former kids who haven’t realized that they were meant to live in joy, peace and love to find a greater purpose through Love. The little girl in me (not naive but full of wonder) still believes that people are good at heart and together we can change the world – I dream like Dr. King that we’ll see all people like God does, full of #purpose and to be loved back to life… #itbehardsometimes :| #butitsbeautiful :D

Below is one of the devotions I wrote for CFNI on this topic of being love to people to change the world:

“…Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” Mark 9:36

Our culture often looks to crowds and numbers as a measure of influence, especially in our social media-driven world. Even us the Lovers could get distracted by being overly focused on status and boosting our numbers.

Jesus did teach crowds and feed multitudes but He also did significant ministry work on the personal level. There was the moment He looked tenderly into the face of the woman at the well and several times when He stopped to heal determined individuals who were in need.

Loving others is our call, but how often do we leave our comfort zones and the church building to love people one-on-one? Are we too distracted striving to be great to notice individuals God has placed in our path for a greater purpose? When we cultivate relationships with others and genuinely show compassion they’ll tangibly experience God’s love.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Love will truly change the world – unconditional, radical love, the type that Jesus demonstrated on the cross – will you be that love and light today? In the last few days this message has been heavy on my heart as we pray for lives that have been lost and the world is looking for light and truth. We see how one person can spread darkness and destruction – what if we all dared to intentionally show love and compassion through our actions and words of kindness? All I know is that Love always wins!


“[Love] does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails! Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever!”

How do you treat those who are different from you? Have you ever been in heated conversation with someone with different beliefs? Throughout history, fear and pride have caused people to treat others unjustly and reject and attack those they do not understand. We see this demonstrated when even the people Jesus came to save rejected Him and nailed Him to a cross.
Because God has placed purpose in every person it’s important we learn to see others with eyes of love – how God sees them. Our culture often conditions us to judge people based on appearance, differences and assumption instead of seeing the gems of great value in them and treasuring their inner beauty and greater purpose.

The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

Who knows, you could be the one God sends to speak into the identity of those who are heartbroken, or sow seeds of love into the hearts of your friends who are looking for answers. Don’t avoid those who are different but make it your intention to engage with them and develop relationships based on who God says they are. Love will truly change the world – unconditional, radical love, the type that Jesus demonstrated on the cross – will you be that love today?

Let’s ask God to give us eyes to see those who feel invisible and forgotten, the downcast and weary. We can heal the broken-hearted and set captives free through love and service – if we dare to get uncomfortable and personal. -Julene Fleurmond #cfnidevotionals #relationships Find more inspiration and nourishment for your spirit on my magazine

Below is a video promo for Christ for the Nations that some of my friends are featured in and produced. CFNI is really an inspiring place – whatever your dream is it might be a place to learn to dream DEEPER with a greater mission:


When you have a God-dream 💖 it goes way beyond yourself, it has the good of other people in mind and takes you where you never thought you’d go…it’s like you’re a kid on an awesome adventure with your Dad a King👑🙌🏻🦁 better than any movie…🎬 (This pic was taken at Christ for the Nations – these people have truly impacted my life, thank you CFNI!) I used to dream so small, dreams that only included me and my desires and passions but God can teach us to dream with Him and have a passion for His plans, for the broken and the world…🌎

He has a dream of everyone discovering His love💞 and truth and being brought back to Him. Let’s dream and partner with our Father to help His dreams come true…give us the nations Daddy, give us a bigger dream and sense of purpose that we couldn’t come up with on our own, to rock this world with Love, Love, Love…💓 Dream BIG dreams, higher, deeper dreams that have a ripple effect on other people and that require intervention from the One greater than yourself! My mentor Cindy Thienard once wrote me an encouraging note that said: “You have a gift…I am excited and the word of God says! ‘Eyes have not seen👀, nor ears have heard👂🏼, nor has it entered into the minds of man the things I have for those who love ME!’ Love God and Dream! So BIG! that only God! can REPLY!” Now THAT’s how we should dream!

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Spend More Time Laughing and Dancing This Year! Photography & Inspiration from Sue Bryce On Following Your Dreams


Make more time this year to laugh, dance & dream – life’s way more fun that way and we all get to experience the beauty of you coming fully alive! :D

Thank you Sue Bryce Photographer for your gift of capturing the light within and for being an inspiration to me! I’ve been a fan of Sue’s work and have taken her photography courses on for years so it was a great surprise and joy to work with her this year. She has a beautiful heart and way of bringing out the love in people and she’s always inspired me to live my dreams bravely.

Check out these video of Sue on living out your dreams and overcoming fear:

Be sure to connect with Sue on Facebook where she shares more of her amazing photos.

NOTE TO SELF: Spend more time Laughing & Dancing this year.A Portrait of Julene, this girl LIGHTS UP A ROOM5D iii /…

Posted by Sue Bryce Photographer on Saturday, January 2, 2016

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You Were Made to Flourish – It’s Time to Live On Purpose

I used to play it safe, really just living out the dreams I thought were practical – deep down scared cause some of my deepest dreams seemed impossible. They seemed too wild and crazy like “what are ya thinking…that can’t really happen.” Oh yeah, it can. What I didn’t fully realize was that I was made to fly, you were made to soar. WE were made to love & flourish, not to keep our purpose buried inside, doing the world a disservice…

Truth is anything’s possible, if you truly believe, live boldly and put your #dreams in the great Gardener’s hands – He’s the one that planted those visions in your heart in the first place. Lately I’ve been seeing dreams I’ve had for the longest time coming true, it’s almost surreal, but no it’s SO real. We were made for this. DareDreamer live on Purpose…

Join me for a creative online retreat where we will rediscover our creativity and deepest purpose. Are you ready to Refresh Your Dreams?

What will Refresh Your Dreams include?

* Creative reflective prompts to help you reconnect with your purpose and the deeper reason why you are pursuing your dream

* A creative cheerleader and motivator (that’s me;) rooting you on as you follow your dreams

Join our community below to get updates on the Refresh Your Dreams Series!

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Love Sets You Free to Play and Dream – Dare Dreamer Be Free

We began our journey on this Earth with the freedom to discover, to explore with wide-eyed wonder, we dreamed, we played naturally – until we lost our trust and fear drew us away from our real life reverie and the freedom that is ours…

What would happened if we embraced the childlike freedom to dream and play again?

I was inspired to do research for my education doctorate program on the power of play in learning and creativity for kids and “grown up” kids, and how play is beneficial to our productivity, creativity, and health. Recently at my research presentation I brought blowpops, bubbles, balls and other toys for the educational professionals to play with – and they did! It was a sight to see (and giggle at! Can you imagine your school’s teachers and principals blowing bubbles?;). I loved seeing them ignite their inner-child!

I encourage you to do the same! The first journey of the Dare Dreamer Movement is reconnecting with the child in you and the boundless creativity that has been stifled by your life experiences. Let’s regain the freedom we had to dream and live with wonder and whimsy – the Love that created us gives us permission to be free from the darkness and trials of this world and live in light and possibility.

What can you do today to add an element of play to your life?

For me it has been adding more time to do art, dance and write songs without caring what others would think. I’d love you to share how you would play with me!

– Julene

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