Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

jamieoliverbadgelgThe new reality show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that airs on ABC Fridays at 8pm ET has quickly become one of my favorites. The show, produced by Ryan Seacrest, follows Jamie Oliver, chef and TV personality, as he is sparking a battle against childhood obesity and the unhealthy food in schools around the country. He entered a school in what the CDC says is “the most obese city in the U.S.” trying to change the way school meals are made and also is working with a local family to change their eating habits.

Currently I’m pursuing my master’s degree in public health and we’re discussing nutrition and health education so the topic is right up my alley and something I’m passionate about. I like how celebrities like Seacrest and Oliver are behind the show which makes it more appealing to the wider public than if it were just a news report or documentary, and I definitely reccommend the show for anyone to watch.

Check out a clip from the show below:

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