Passion in Motion: Syndrome Studio

syndrome3.jpgSyndrome Studio, made up of three artists, Micah Hancock, James Larese, and Mars Sandoval, is one of the design studios whose work really inspires me. Syndrome specializes in motion design for multiple mediums, and their work is amazing to view, raging from directing music videos for Estelle, Danity Kane, Day26, Black Eye Peas, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Wyclef, Jo Jo, Mickey Avalon and many more. They also did motion graphics for the movie ATL, and for networks like Disney, HGTV, and MTV.

Here’s an interview I found with them at Convey Magazine where they described their struggle “to get to the point where we were considered ‘directors’ as opposed to, ‘those graphic guys that also direct.’ Their portfolio shows that you can find a way to create a niche within the entertainment industry, or any industry doing what you love and do best, while working hard to make your way to the top. Their success was only achieved with “tenacity, passion, having a precise game plan and believing 1000000% in ourselves… if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”

I love how they merge motion and 3D work with video production and directing, and how they work in so many mediums to make a finished product. You can click here to view their website with samples of their incredible work. One of my favorites was Keke Palmer’s “Keep It Movin'” music video, below, which they animated and directed.

“Don’t lose your passion. The second you are chasing a check instead of a vision could be the beginning of the end.”
- Syndrome Studio in an April 2008 interview with Convey Magazine

Keke Palmer – Keep It Movin’ Directed by Syndrome Studio

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