You Can Begin Again… It’s Time To Live Your Dreams On Purpose


No matter where you’ve been, you can begin again. There’s a love and grace that let’s you leave your past behind and start afresh – no “what ifs,” “should’ves” or regrets. It’s time for you to live out your purpose boldly…

There were so many years where I was paralyzed by fear and haunted by my past. Sometimes the darkness in my life was so overwhelming I didn’t want to get out of bed or go another day. My mind would replay the mistakes, the losses, the inadequacies, the “you’re not enough,” over and over and over again…

Then light came in and showed me Love – He told me the truth of who I was made to be…

No matter what your situation looks like on the outside there’s always hope. You’ll always have a purpose and reason for living. There’s always beauty that can come from your story of loss, always peace for your broken heart, always light that can come from the darkness you’ve experienced to help someone else.

What if we lived like anything is possible, that no matter what happens, we are secure and loved? We can. Because guess what? It’s true. You’re made to overcome every circumstance, to live the impossible, to have joy even in the midst of the worst day ever, to be part of the greatest dream and story ever told…

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