Resource for Singers: The Music Industry Blueprint Guides You on the Journey to Your Dreams

Above: Rick Barker introducing The Music Industry Blueprint website.

“Knowledge and experience – you can’t buy it but you can rent it, you can borrow it, you can learn from it…” -Rick Barker, founder of The Music Industry Blueprint

On the journey to reaching any dream it can get lonely and confusing if you don’t have others going with you and guiding your path…

If you’re a singer you can get stalled and lost on the journey without the right map. The Music Industry Blueprint is a resource I’m a member of that helps you navigate your dream of reaching those you are meant to impact with your music. The founder Rick Barker is amazingly knowledgable, generous with information and is Taylor Swift’s former manager who helped launch her into success. I love being part of this community and connecting with other artists – it has made following this dream less lonely and isolating because I can collaborate with others on a similar journey.

In the Blueprint you’ll find great wisdom and tools to help with branding, building and engaging an audience, and selling. This resource is amazing because you don’t have to start from scratch and can reap the benefits from Rick’s 25+ years of experience and research. I’ve been gleaning from Rick Barker for a few months before joining the Blueprint ever since I learned about him from singer Jordan Pruitt’s email list (you may have seen her on The Voice – I love her music, heart and have been a vocal student of hers). I’ve been drawn to the methods Rick shares on how to engage with fans and treating your music career as a business – it’s exciting to see someone who approaches the music industry so uniquely!

Be sure to check out Rick’s Free Video Series at Also watch his intro to the Blueprint above and below an episode of his show “25 Minutes From Nashville” that is one of my faves on how being a musician is one of those professions where there is not much intentional structure to prepare artists for the journey. That’s why I’m grateful for the Blueprint because it helps artists like myself cultivate their brand, engage with fans and build a team. The Blueprint is an amazing investment I’m glad I made and that I recommend to anyone serious about their dreams.

Here’s another episode with a nice kick in the pants to not only talk about it your dream but to implement what you learn and take action:

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