Music Journey: You’re Worth More Than Gold Inspired by Britt Nicole

Who says you have to be perfect to begin pursuing your passion? One of my mottos is to follow the dreams in your heart no matter how impossible or lofty they may seem or how afraid you may be or unqualified you may feel. Follow me on my journey of unearthing and growing my buried dream of sharing inspiration through music. I’m starting out with a passion and a seed of a vision, improving and learning as I go along from vocal lessons to recording sessions and want to share the process, imperfections and all, to encourage you to also delve boldly into your own passions even while you’re afraid. My dream is to create music with purpose to inspire others, especially young people, that they have a greater reason for living.

I’m always looking for new collaborators to write and produce music with – send me a message if your heart resonates with the mission of creating music with a greater message and vision!

Below: Singing “Gold” by Britt Nicole – Britt is one of my favorite artists and a great influence and inspiration for my music. I met her briefly at an event a few years ago and her heart and words encouraged me to pursue this dream of singing to inspire…

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