HeartBlooms: Your Dreams Take Time to Grow – Embrace the Process

If you’re hoping and waiting for a change to take place in your life, I want to encourage you to keep holding on in faith and never give up on your vision for something greater…

It can be frustrating and discouraging when you have a dream but seem to be nowhere near reaching it. I’ve learned through experience that stepping into your destiny is not an overnight occurrence; it’s a journey of preparation and a life class that’s vital & just as rewarding as the “success.”

Anything that is great and truly worth experiencing takes time, patience and dedication to develop. You might find yourself in painful trials and isolation at times, but know that like a caterpillar enters darkness to be transformed into its true identity, it takes stretching, strengthening and shaping to become what’s already in you – the person you’re truly meant to be.

In the dark places your character is refined to sustain your destiny, your identity is secured in something greater and resilience is formed in your heart. Don’t turn back and give up if it seems dim & unbearable now, you’re closer than you think to the break-through and we’re waiting to see the beauty, brilliance and story that only you can share.

It takes time to see the reality of your dreams & to grow into your true purpose…Embrace the process.

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