Inspiring ENT: Pieces of Me – Ledisi

This song “Pieces of Me” by Ledisi (which was Grammy-nominated this year by the way) is so uplifting and beautiful, and a great anthem for Women’s History Month:

In the Lyrics
People just don’t know what I’m about
They haven’t seen what’s there behind my smile
There’s so much more of me I’m showin out
(These are the pieces of me)

When it looks like I’m up sometimes I’m down
I’m alone even when people all around,
But that don’t change the happiness I found
(These are the pieces of me)

So when you look at my face
You gotta know that I’m made of everything love and pain
(These are the pieces of me)
Like every woman I know…

I can run the business and make time for fantasy
(These are the pieces of me)
Now I’m gonna make mistakes from time to time
But in the end believe that I’m gone fly

I’m a woman…
These are the pieces of me…

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