DreamFleur Creative Expressions: “Every Woman”


In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s a tribute for women everywhere – “Every Woman.” (The poem and graphics below were part of a project I created for a Women’s History Month celebration I had the opportunity to chair at the University of Miami.)

The last two stanzas were added in 2012 and inspired by my friend Kara Norman, founder of Empower Her, Inc. She is truly making a mark by inspiring girls and women through her work: http://www.empowerherinc.com.


Every Woman

by Julene Fleurmond

Every woman should learn
To look past her imperfections
To nurture the essence of her spirit
To embrace her own reflection.

Every woman should live
Never compromising herself
To dream dreams that are impossible
To know when to ask for help.

Every woman should know
That within her are the seeds of greatness,
That she is loved by a Love even greater
And that she is too blessed to stress.

Every woman should believe
That she is divine royalty
Placed on this earth to leave a mark,
To share her heart and write history.

Every woman should walk
In purpose, grace and confidence
Because she has the power to impact the world
And change begins with a single step.


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