Fuel For the Creative Class – STORY Chicago Conference 2011

STORY is a conference geared toward creatives, from artists, filmmakers, musicians, authors and designers, among others, and takes place in Chicago, Sept 15-16, 2011. From the amazingly eccentric website, created by a design studio that continually inspires me, Pixel Peach, to the list of speakers, I’m mesmerized and hoping I can attend in the future. If the audio clips on the website were not enough to satisfy your curiosity, check out photos from 2010 and a recap here.

I was also really inspired seeing some of the works of some of the visual arts who are working on STORY, check out some of their projects here on the website of STORY’s founder Ben Arment

2011 Speakers

Here are some of the presenters this year:

  • Kyle Cooper – founder of Prologue Films, leading VFX company in Hollywood
  • Tom Ryan – CEO of Threadless.com
  • Ed Saxon – producer of The Silence of the Lambs, Adaptation, Philadelphia
  • Santino Stoner – principal of Dot&Cross, director of Nooma film series
  • Esther Havens – humanitarian photographer for orgs such as Charity: Water

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