Dreamfleur Diary – Stretch & Grow

No matter what creative field you’re in I think it is always a good idea to stretch and grow yourself in what you do, and beyond what you are known for doing, even if just for fun.

For years my main methods of expression have been in the visual arts (design, fine arts, etc.) and writing but the Renaissance dreamer in me has always loved to experiment and try new things.

I’ve decided that this Fall that I’ll explore some areas I’ve always had an interest in but haven’t made time to pursue: theater, music and photography. I’ve always dabbled and been captivated by these fields but haven’t yet pursued them officially.

I’ll be taking classes and experimenting more into each of these fields and hopefully will be able to sharpen my skills as well as get a fresh perspective on the areas I’ve always pursued.

I want to document my progress and journey here on the blog – won’t you join me in stretching and growing our artistic muscles and creative sinews.

What creative fields have you always wanted to delve into; what’s stopping you?

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