Love Sets You Free to Play and Dream – Dare Dreamer Be Free

We began our journey on this Earth with the freedom to discover, to explore with wide-eyed wonder, we dreamed, we played naturally – until we lost our trust and fear drew us away from our real life reverie and the freedom that is ours…

What would happened if we embraced the childlike freedom to dream and play again?

I was inspired to do research for my education doctorate program on the power of play in learning and creativity for kids and “grown up” kids, and how play is beneficial to our productivity, creativity, and health. Recently at my research presentation I brought blowpops, bubbles, balls and other toys for the educational professionals to play with – and they did! It was a sight to see (and giggle at! Can you imagine your school’s teachers and principals blowing bubbles?;). I loved seeing them ignite their inner-child!

I encourage you to do the same! The first journey of the Dare Dreamer Movement is reconnecting with the child in you and the boundless creativity that has been stifled by your life experiences. Let’s regain the freedom we had to dream and live with wonder and whimsy – the Love that created us gives us permission to be free from the darkness and trials of this world and live in light and possibility.

What can you do today to add an element of play to your life?

For me it has been adding more time to do art, dance and write songs without caring what others would think. I’d love you to share how you would play with me!

– Julene

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