Wild and Free: Speak Up, Because the World Needs Your Voice! Sharing My Story of Overcoming Silence & Insecurity

Speak up – because the world needs your voice and your purpose! Here I share my story of how I went for years in silence, paralyzed by insecurity and social anxiety, and why it’s so important for you to speak up! Now I’m living wild and free, dreaming and playing through life in the wonder of love, in awe of purpose, with childlike boldness and boundless creativity (stay tuned for my second video talking more about what it means to be “Wild and Free!“) One of my goals this year is to speak and share inspirational videos at my channel more consistently so subscribe here and stay tuned for more!

Inspired by the Speak Up! project by bloggers Amber and Annie. Join the monthly Speak Up project here to start sharing your voice through video this year: http://www.mrthomasandme.com/2015/01/speak-up-wild-free.html

This song “Feel the Light” from one of my favorite artists Britt Nicole describes my journey perfectly…

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