Dreamfleur Inspiration Suite Updates: Favorites and Current Projects Speaking on Purpose and Inspiration from the Movies Selma and Annie

Stay tuned for some sweet new things I’ve been dreaming up for Dreamfleur, with more features to motivate and support you in following your dreams…

I believe every great dream is conceived and birthed in love – that’s where it all begins…

Took the pic below yesterday after presenting & speaking with a group of teen girls about relationships and purpose – they’re always the *funniest* audience (other than kids!:) I’ll be doing a speaking series “We Dream of Love” on how to be single/date on purpose, sharing my journey of finding identity & true love, and the deeper purpose of marriage, based on the @WeDreamofLoveBook I’m launching. Next is a video interview of an inspiring couple who talk about love, marriage and purpose…more of the series to come, stay tuned and follow the We Dream of Love Movement right here at dreamfleur.com or on Twitter: http://twitter.com/wedreamoflove

If you haven’t seen the movie Selma yet, what are you waiting for?

It’s so important for us to have a voice in Hollywood by supporting films of substance and spirit. I’ve seen Selma twice *so far* and both times cried and was moved deeply! Be sure to go see it! It has deeper themes and meaning than merely being about what’s on the outward appearance, reminding us that we are spirit in a battle where good and Love always will prevail!

Below watch Oprah with the director Ava DuVernay, talk about why she decided to take on the project Selma which she says is, “For such a time as this”…

Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie Inspires the Kid In You to Dream Again

I saw the new “Annie” movie a few weeks back and was so inspired and was grinning from ear to ear afterwards (my older brother on the other hand was crying by the end:D, too funny). Quvenzhane Wallis was shining and her joy and positive outlook on life was contagious. I was reminded of my passion for positive, wholesome films that the whole family can watch and the lack of those there are in theaters. One of my dreams since I was a little girl has been to share stories that kids can enjoy and I’ve been working on a few that I’d like to introduce and possibly even move in the live action direction as partnerships are being built in that area. What’s your childhood dream and the opportunity standing right in front of you that you’ve been afraid to embrace? The world is waiting…

Here’s Quvenzhane Wallis singing the song “Opportunity” from the movie Annie:

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