You’re In the Delivery Room Not the Tomb: Inspiration from Touré Roberts

“You’re in the delivery room not the tomb.” I was looking through an old journal today and came across this phrase that I wrote down back in 2011 after watching in interview on TV. It was the first time I heard Pastor Touré Roberts from One Church International speak and what he said struck my heart with a match of hope and a spark of God’s light in a dark period of my life then, and it encouraged me again today when I read it.

Ever since I saw this interview I’ve been continually ministered to from afar by the messages out of One Church International in LA, a church that I was drawn to because of the focus on enriching those in the fields of arts and entertainment, and that a few of my friends attend in Los Angeles. (Click here to read the feature I did on One Church and more of their powerful messages on my other site Dream in Soul).

I searched online today and found the interview that I watched that day and wanted to share it with you because I feel like someone else needs to hear it. If you’re going through an uncomfortable even awkward time of transition know that your story is not over. As Pastor Touré says in the interview below, it gets hardest and the most painful right before you give birth:

“The moments right before the breakthrough, the moments right before the birthing takes place are the most difficult moments… if you would hold on, if you would stay focused and continue to believe in God [He] is going to give you that strength to give that last final push and that baby’s going to be birthed.”

Keep pushing the dream that’s in your womb and you will see the promise that only could have been conceived by One greater than you.

“‘Shall I bring to the time of birth and not cause delivery?’ says the Lord. ‘Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?’ says your God” Isaiah 66:9
Watch the Interview with Pastor Touré Roberts from 1:04:00 to about 1:20:00 (The rest of the video is impact-full as well, as one of the other speakers Pastor Obed Martinez also speaks on the wilderness process and how it is vital to discovering the character of God – it’s power-packed stuff!)

Below is one of the latest messages from One Church International (click here for the message archives) that spoke to my heart, a powerful word about resolving the unresolved things in your life that may be delaying the birth of your promise:

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