Dare Dreamer Refresh Your Dreams Series



Join me on a journey of rediscovering our deepest dreams and realigning with the purpose you were made for…

Everyone has purpose and everyone has dreams planted in their hearts – the question is are you living them out? Have you always wanted to write a book, or start a business but have let fear or lack of clarity hold you back? It’s time to revisit your dreams and renew your vision…

Join me for a creative online retreat where we will rediscover our creativity and deepest purpose. Are you ready to Refresh Your Dreams?

What will Refresh Your Dreams include?

* Creative reflective prompts to help you reconnect with your purpose and the deeper reason why you are pursuing your dream

* Creative printables and a playbook that will help you refine and renew your vision

* A creative cheerleader and motivator (that’s me;) rooting you on as you follow your dreams

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