Inspiration from Tyler Perry on How to Be Successful and Watering Your Dreams

Tyler Perry recently posted this video in his Inspirational Corner on his website, and I was inspired by his advice on how to be successful at reaching a dream (one of my other favorite messages was “Maybe You’re Being Hidden On Purpose”). He talks about how many times he faced rejection, and how it was the grace of God and consistency and persistence that allowed him to reach where he is today.

One of the points he made was instead of planting and watering many dreams at once, you should focus on watering one dream first in order to see results, and when that dream succeeds it’ll open the door for your other dreams. That advice is a little hard for me, who has so many interests and sometimes has trouble picking just one, but this year I’ve made a commitment to focus on a few related areas to help them grow.

(If you need some encouragement on reaching your dreams, check out some of the new posts here on and a special post “Dreams in Due Season” here that resonates with some of the themes Perry spoke on.)

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