A Game of Hope – The Story of Gainesville State School and Grapevine Faith Academy

This heart-warming true story of how a high school football team from Grapevine Faith Academy shows encouragement and respect to the players of the opposing team from Gainesville State School will inspire you. The players from Gainesville came from rough neighborhoods and have faced obstacles and hardships in life including defeats on the field and off…

Warning: Around the middle of the video I felt an emotional wave of “I want to cry,” come over me; it’s amazing what a difference a gesture of compassion can have on someone’s life – this is what acceptance and love in action looks like:

2012 Update: A movie entitled “One Heart” is now being filmed chronicling this amazing story. The film stars Marc Blucas, Romeo Miller and Abigail Spencer and is being shot right here in the Dallas area. Visit http://www.oneheartmovie.com to find out more!

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