Inspiration from the PS22 Chorus and Their Teacher Gregg Breinberg On the Impact of Arts In Schools

The PS22 Chorus became a Youtube sensation a few years back with their soulful videos of students singing covers of popular songs in class. Watching their videos make me smile and I love the emotions the kids show while performing. In the video below Gregg Breinberg, the teacher who started PS22 and some of his students talk about how it got started:

The confidence built in the students just goes to show how much of an impact the arts and wonderful mentors can make in their lives. In an interview Gregg Breinberg, the teacher who started the music class talks about how singing changes young people:

“It’s all about self-confidence. That is what the arts has to offer, especially to kids that aren’t necessarily succeeding academically. Throughout their chorus experience, my students recognize that their musical achievements are something they earn for themselves through hard work and dedication. That is a life lesson that does not restrict itself to music…

“Focus, concentration, and stamina are undeniably strengthened as well. Music and the arts are just the tool to unlock the hidden potential, and as it manifests, it carries over to all other areas of school and hopefully ultimately life…

“…I do hope as they move on that the memories of these unbelievable experiences the PS22 Chorus kids have earned for themselves will be a continued source of inspiration that they can call upon throughout their lives. I always try to remind them that they themselves have become living proof that through hard work, anything is possible.”

- Gregg Breinberg, Click here for the full interview on Open Education

Here is one of my favorite videos from PS22 featuring a talented young lady Denise; her cover of Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God” is unique and beautiful:

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