Introducing a Renaissance Woman in Training…

Welcome to Renaissance of a Woman, a site dedicated to inspiring women to live life to the fullest by following their dreams – whatever they may be.

With “Renaissance of a Woman” I wanted to create something that is inspiring and shows the different aspects of being a woman, especially a multicultural woman. The title represents that we as women have so many talents and passions, and are creating a revival in style, arts, business – the world. We don’t have to limit ourselves to labels – we can be Renaissance Divas, free to explore everything we have an interest in.

I’m the creator of the site, a college student studying journalism with concentrations in advertising/public relations and graphic design. I’m also on the pre-medicine track. (People always ask “Why?” when I tell them that since my interests seem to vary. But since I’ve always had an interest in health and the human body [and the biology major takes no prisoners] I decided to continue to pursue medicine so that I can have broad career options later on in life. It doesn’t hurt to strive to be a Renaissance Woman – except when you have to study for organic chemistry).

I’m very passionate about life and following my dreams, and I love art, journalism, design, fashion, and all things creative. I’m also an entrepreneur and enjoy creating ventures to positively enrich my community. While still in high school I started my own business doing marketing and design for organizations and companies in my area, and now we also create projects and events to promote entrepreneurship and art appreciation in the South Florida community. I’ll tell you a little more about my ventures later, stay tuned!

This site represents many areas of a Renaissance Diva’s life. I’ll be posting thoughts here and there, but most of what I’ll share will be creative ideas and inspirations in different categories, like Style, Creative Fields, Inspirational People, Business, even DIY ideas. I’ll feature some of the amazing people I’ve met and heard about, including clients of mine with creative businesses, and things I’ve learned along the way as a young entrepreneur. You might see a lot of different posts in various categories on some days because it’ll be an accumulation of different things I wanted to share and have been working on for you for each issue.

Renaissance = rebirth, and I as a young woman am always rediscovering parts of myself and new interests as I grow and learn more about the world, people, and my purpose in life. I hope I can inspire someone else to embrace life and not limit yourselves to one way of looking at yourself and the world. Dream, overcome, experience and live life to the fullest…

Dare to become Renaissance Women

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