Get inspiration for pursuing your dreams in these books and passion projects:

Learn how to raise creative, business-minded children who dare to live their dreams!

My story is featured in the book The Parents’ Guide To Raising CEO Kids Dr. Jerry and Sarah L Cook in their journey to support their own three young entrepreneurs, did over 200 interviews with young entrepreneurs and their parents to bring you this amazing resource!

Click the image below to order this book and help cultivate your kids’ flourishing futures today!

Often what you loved to do and dreamed of as a child is a clue and purpose-pointer to what you’re called to do today…

One of my dreams since I was a little girl was to be an entrepreneur and share my art and inspiration with the world. I recently found some of my first business plans that I created with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) at NFTE South Florida and realized I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years since I was in elementary school and running my current business Envibrance Dream Studios that I started as a teen for 10!

I want to pay it forward and share mentorship and wisdom by giving the gift of entrepreneurship to other young dreamers (or the kid in you, remember when you dreamed and was creative without limits?) with this awesome book “The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids” by Dr. Jerry Cook and Sarah L. Cook. My story is featured here along with other inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages with great advice on how to start a business and cultivate entrepreneurship no matter where you are in life. Another inspiring gift you can give is an inspirational T-shirt/print of your choice from my line Envibrance Dream Apparel I will be doing periodic giveaways on Instagram and on the Dare Dreamer email updates so join the community to join the party!

My Book for Preteens and Kids Presents: Dare Dreamer (We Mean Business) by Julene Fleurmond – Stay tuned for my book inspiring young people to be entrepreneurs! Based on my creative project


Upcoming Book: We Dream of Love by Julene Fleurmond – My upcoming book about love, relationships and a life-changing experience that changed my view of romance. Stay tuned to the site for more info and follow the We Dream of Love Blog Series here.


Selena Gomez says in one of her latest songs that the heart wants what it wants. Listening to the lyrics I find myself relating to the song more than I thought I did…do you? Here’s my take of what the heart wants, part of my We Dream of Love series

Click Here for the Video and to See More >>

Upcoming Book/Resources: The Dare Dreamer Movement Volume 1: Freedom to Dream by Julene Fleurmond – Stay tuned for a special book and series of resources all about daring to live your dreams out boldly on purpose!

Passion Topics
Stay tuned to The Dare Dreamer Movement Series which are also my passion topics to speak on and write about:
* We Dream of Love: Every Great Dream Begins with Love

* Permission to Play, Freedom to Dream: Overcoming Fear and Reclaiming your Childhood Creativity

* Dare Dreamer Be You to the Full, You Are Beautiful: Embracing Your True Beauty

* Dreamer Rejuvenation: The Art of Health and The Renaissance of the Mind Body and Soul

* Live Boldly, Everyone Has Purpose: Daring to Dream On Purpose

* Empowering Her to Dream: The DreamFleur Project for Girls and Young Women

* Renaissance Dreaming: Merging Your Creativity for a Business and Life in Full Color

Additional Projects and Research
* Play to Learn and Learn to Play: Making Education Fun through Play and Entrepreneurship – I’m currently getting my Doctorate in Educational Leadership and this is one of the topics I’m doing research on to make learning fun and engaging for children.

*The Beauty and Strength of Diversity (research on racial unity and interracial relationships)

Dreamfleur Dare Dreamer Network of Sites

My Inspirational Line of Apparel and Gifts: Envibrance Dream Creations & Apparel

Graphic Design Services: Envibrance Design Studios

Youth Motivation Site:

Spiritual Inspiration Site: Dream in Soul

Julene Fleurmond – Project Dare Dreamer: Journey of an Inspirational Singer, Actress & Spoken Storyteller

Over the past few years I began overcoming crippling shyness and pursuing my passion and dream for performing by taking acting and vocal lessons. I was also recently signed to an inspirational music company as an artist on their roster. Stay tuned for new music and creative productions! I encourage you to begin moving in that dream you’ve buried for so long, let it grow wings and take you places you’ve never imagined…

  • Inspirational Songwriter & Singer: Project Dare Dreamer

Who says you have to be perfect to begin pursuing your passion? One of my mottos is to follow the dreams in your heart no matter how impossible or lofty they may seem or how afraid you may be or unqualified you may feel. Follow me on my journey of unearthing and growing my buried dream of sharing inspiration through music. I’m starting out with a passion and a seed of a vision, improving and learning as I go along from vocal lessons to recording sessions and want to share the process, imperfections and all, to encourage you to also delve boldly into your own passions even while you’re afraid.

Presenting inspiring messages & creative live presentations merging stories, poetry, monologues, music & multimedia. Looking for a creative presentation for your event or project? Click here to contact me for speaking or commissioning a customized piece.

We Speak Your Name: Poem to Thank My Inspiration Oprah Winfrey

In December 2010, I was blessed to be one of the 302 Ultimate Australian Adventurers who journeyed with Oprah. It was an amazing experience but my biggest regret is that in my shyness I did not personally tell Oprah how much she has inspired me – this is only a fraction of the words I’d say. As she leaves one classroom to enter another, we speak her name and say thank you!

In 2006 Oprah Winfrey held her Legends Weekend, a three-day celebration honoring twenty-five African American women in art, entertainment, and civil rights. At the Legends Luncheon the young’uns recited a poem called “We Speak Your Names” written by Pearl Cleage. In college I was inspired to create my own Legends Celebration to honor women in the community and Oprah’s example.

This is a tribute to Oprah, a Living Legend herself inspired by that poem…

Dreams in Due Season: A Message to Inspire

Inspirational Actress Inspiring Through Drama and Heartfelt Storytelling

I’ve always wanted to inspire youth as an actress and singer but was always too shy and paralyzed by anxiety to try – not anymore! Here’s a video I originally made for a scholarship entry, playing a teen girl, based on a true story (my diaries and embarrassing stories as a teen, find out never -shared before 🔐 secrets like who I was crushing on at age 15;). The Tyler Perry-inspired “Diary of a Sad Shy Teen” (“unfortunately” Madea couldn’t be in this one, halleluyer;) is playing in schools across the country in kids who don’t have a voice. My dream is to reach teens like me and creatively give them a light of hope.

I’m available as an inspirational speaker and performer for youth and girls events. Click here to contact me regarding how we can partner for an upcoming event!

Dreamfleur Sub-Sections / Mini-Blogs



When You Pass Through the Waters


Whatever you go through, whatever the storms or fears that try to engulf your hope know that you are so loved and God is on your side!

I was in the hospital last weekend & out of whack for a week or so with stress and physical issues but wow amidst it all I had the weirdest & coolest God experience. He is real, He loves us, He is sooo, sooo good & has a plan for our lives – just seek Him and you will find Him and His plan for your life!

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Cosplay to Inspire

Okay so what I love about working with kids as a teacher and speaker is the excuse to play dress up – I’m no where near a regular but here are a few of my cosplay adventures and the inspiration behind them which are awesome stories that inspire my work:

I love learning & shows that inspire kids to explore creation!💖🔭 Here’s me as Keesha from The #MagicSchoolBus Rides Again 🚌 on Netflix (anyone else love that show growing up?) We were meant to take time to play and have fun as part of our work (I even did research on the benefits of play in grad school) – whether it’s sports, art or cosplay take time to do something that engages your creativity & brings you joy!✨

I went investigating the candy situation🍬🍫🍭 at The Potter’s House Harvest Time event (don’t judge me – it was for the whole family☺️) as The Princess in Black – inspired by both the GOAT MIB Will Smith😎 and kids’ books characters👸🏾👸🏼 which I love as a teacher & current kids’ writer!
(Check out this series The Princess In Black about unconventional mystery solving royalty by Shannon & Dean Hale and the Dream Big! More Than a Princess Coloring Book.🎨 Each page of the coloring book features a girl sharing her dream of becoming a professional, like a politician, astronaut🚀 or a community organizer. Stephanie Tabashneck, psychologist and author of the book, created it because she was concerned with the lack of role models, characters and positive messages for young girls and in particular young girls of color).
If you don’t remember anything else remember to dream big and live boldly because You Are Great!💁🏽 You are royally loved by the King and have the light to fight darkness so go kick some butt. Agent J out✌🏽

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Share Your Passions and Love With All Your Heart

The world and the people around you could always enjoy some more love💞 so give it away, and give yourself and your gifts to others with all your heart💝! Here’s one way I give away love and share my passions…a few months back I found a livestreaming site kinda like Periscope but the audience is mostly kids & teens (some of my favorite kinda people:). I really felt led to be a light & start streaming fun, uplifting broadcasts sharing characters I sketch to inspire my stories🎨, singing songs I write🎤 and just sprinkling some inspiration and love to the awesome peeps who tune in. It turned out to be really fun especially getting to encourage people & talk about dreams✨, life & fun stuff with a spontaneous dance-off here and there (fun, hilarious times😁) with people I meet and guest who sometimes also share their art with me.

If you’ve got a passion for art or music or anything else but feel amateur or disqualified I say go for it anyways – that’s what I share with young artists on my broadcasts – the more you create and hone your craft, even if for fun and therapy to relieve stress and make life brighter, the better you get and the more light🔥 & love 💖you spread into the world! This is me, #drawingwhileblack. Follow the hashtag to see more work by inspiring artists!🎨

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Women Are Powerful (Sneak Peek of a Story To Inspire)


She is powerful.💥 Limitless.🚀 Priceless.💎 Royalty.👑 She’s a dreamer💫, a doer🔥, a boundless creator🎨, an unbridled force who shapes the future and history with her words and actions…she has the power to transform the world – nothing is impossible when she has the power of Love.💖

Happy International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month to all of you warriors out there who slay🗡👠 and bring light to the world through your dreams and purpose. (A little glimpse of a first sketch of a character for my story development (inspired by Disney meets Narnia meets Marvel), about a girl turned hero 👸🏽 who realizes she holds the power to fight💪🏻👊🏽 darkness and change the world – she just has to be bold to be who she was made to be).⚡️

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Fly High Into Your Dreams: Conversation with Founders of Queen Girls Turning Stories of Real Women Into Fairy Tales

Do you have a creative dream you’d love to grow this year? Come hangout with me and the founders of Queen Girls to be inspired to Dream BIG! Anything is possible if you work strategically and put an engine on your vision…

If you’re like me and have a deep passion for empowering our kids and youth then you’ll love this project created by these inspiring ladies. Queen Girls is a series of children’s books that turn stories of real women into fairy tales to encourage them to live out their dreams.

When I first saw this amazing project I was immediately drawn in like YES! This is what our girls need to see, that their dreams are possible and that they shouldn’t be afraid to dream BIG – and the same for you and I! Stay tuned for more from our conversation where we talk about how we can empower kids together and what kids teach us about living more fully and vibrantly.

The first book in the Queen Girls series shares the story of the first African American woman pilot Bessie Coleman and the illustrations are so vibrant, enchanting and engaging. You can help bring this project to life by donating to the IndieGogo campaign and pre-ordering your copy to help bring these books to children in need of inspiration and connect with them on social media and their website:



Above: Inspiring youngin’s LEGO Movie-style… One of my favorite things to do is create and speak at experiences and workshops merging music, drama and interaction for kids and youth to inspire them to live their dreams boldly in purpose. Together we can inspire the next generation! – Julene

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Inspiration from Walt Disney On Reviving Hope and Reclaiming Your Imagination and STORY

The promo video for STORY in Chicago (for more on the event visit caught my attention and was like God drawing me in to see what He’s been speaking to my heart over the past few years, about reigniting our creativity to dream like children again:

What if we can reclaim the places where imagination has been lost and find the whisper that beckons us to look past the ordinary…what would we discover?

This is your Invitation to Another World…


“That’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination and instill hope again, and again, and again.” – Walt Disney
These words from STORY are a call for creatives to step into their calling:

“While all is chaos and grief and anger and confusion – we are called to instill hope again…We each need to be reminded of the power we have as storytellers.

“You’ve heard, “look for the helpers,” which is part of a quote from childhood icon Fred Rogers about where to find inspiration following a crisis. I say, look for the storytellers. You and I have a tremendous opportunity to re-write the narratives society plays out day after day.
Because you can tell a story well, you have influence. More than you know…” – via the STORY blog


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