Fear Not and Pursue Your Dreams: You Were Made to Be Extraordinary

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Above: Flashback – Playing dress-up with friends – I love any excuse to because I do it anyways for fun! :D.

I’m no (Secret Agent;) Angel in real life but I do believe we’re each sent here with a message to share, a “secret” identity and a greater purpose for being here – impacting the lives of others…

You weren’t made to be ordinary but to live an extraordinary life through the power of the same love that made you. We’re not superheroes but your story and the hope that has allowed you to overcome is vital to share to impact and even save the lives of others. You never know what those around you are facing and you truly have the power to make a change simply by stepping out of your comfort zone, speaking truth, walking in love and deciding to kick fear in the face. You’ve got an extraordinary mission, don’t miss out on it by playing small!

– Julene

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