Inspiration from Marie Forleo on Living Your Purpose and Winning a B-School Scholarship

A Must-See: Below watch my favorite interview from MarieTV that has inspired and encouraged me immensely where she interviews Mastin Kipp on Living Your Purpose

Marie Forleo is a creative force with a passionate heart for helping others that you can see in all she does. She’s been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins and is the founder of MarieTV and B-School that will both give you valuable information about building a business of your dreams, make you laugh out loud and touch your heart. I’ve been inspired by Marie’s work for years now and look up to her as a mentor, role model and fellow multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Recently I applied for a B-School scholarship and would love to have your support as I boldly am taking steps to help Dreamfleur and this community flourish so I can help women and youth discover and pursue their purpose and creative passions even more effectively. Watch the video above where I share my story and heart behind my dreams and and if you enjoy it leave a comment and like on Youtube to help spread the word, I appreciate your support!

Thank you Marie for sowing into my life so much already! Best wishes to anyone else who is applying for a B-School scholarship! To anyone else who sees this and has a business they would like to grow, check out B-School and find out how can help your dreams come to fruition:

Why I’m Applying to B-School

Over the past few years I’ve overcome difficult circumstances and have gotten clarity on my purpose and dreams with the help of mentors. Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned about following your calling with others and need expertise on how to reach those assigned to me!

When it comes to marketing I feel like I’m floundering instead of flourishing. I would love to glean from your wisdom on how to reach those I am meant to serve through creative branding and encouraging them to overcome their past and follow their dreams and cultivate their purpose by nourishing others with their stories.

After years of feeling isolated in my business it would also be a joy to be part of such a vibrant community of creative dreamers and doers (and will happily dance bomb and encourage others while I’m there, watch the video to see;). I love watching the other entries from everyone else who has applied, there are so many inspiring women in Marie’s community, click here to take a look!

To everyone here, continue following your dreams – they are there for a reason beyond what you can imagine or see…don’t let us miss out on seeing you come alive and being enriched by your story and beauty!

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