Revive Your Buried Dreams and Let Your Pain Fuel Your Purpose (Sneak Peak of My Song On The Outside)

Have you ever uncovered a dream you’ve had since you were a kid and realized it was still alive? Often the passions you had, what you’re afraid to do and the pain you endured are purpose pointers of how God wants you to bring hope to others… weed out fear and dare to unbury and nurture those dormant dreams today…

“On the Outside” is the first song I attempted to write as a teen girl more than 12 years ago about struggling with years of loneliness, shyness, insecurity and the fear of being myself. I was too afraid to pursue my dream of singing for fear of not measuring up and being rejected. This year I’m going to finish this song for the girl I was and other girls like me to tell them that they have great purpose and about what set me free. Here’s a raw songwriting sneak peek…

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