Empowering Girls: Dreams of Gems and Jewels

One of my first blogs that I started back in 2007 was called GEM and was hosted on Blogger. It started with a poem I wrote called Little Brown Girl, inspired by girls I’ve witnessed in the inner-city who seem to be losing hope because they don’t know hope exists.

gembannerFrom seeing girls getting pregnant to dropping out of school, my heart breaks to see any child, whatever the background, fail to realize their purpose and worth. We see how women are objectified in the media and the way positive role models for African American girls are so few on TV. It’s up to us – mothers, sisters, aunts and mentors – to instill confidence in the next generation.

Overtime I started other blogs on my own domain and discontinued the GEM blog, but I recently was inspired to revisit it…

A few months back via the Internet I met an inspiring woman named Kara Norman who co-founded a wonderful organization for girls called GEMS and Jewels Empowerment Group with Adriane Simmons. Kara and I connected and she took the time to encourage me – she is truly a kind-hearted person who is being the change she dreams of seeing in the world.

Learning about the work the GEMS and Jewels Group does to motivate girls, from organizing etiquette classes to college preparation field trips, really made me begin thinking about how I could also mentor girls in my community. Remembering my own childhood and teen years as shy, unconfident girl, her group would have nurtured me so much to grow as it is doing for so many girls today. If every girl had dedicated mentors like Kara and Adriane I’m sure there would be more strong, confident women in the world.

The GEMS and Jewels recently had their Kick-Off Celebration for the year and below is a booklet I had the pleasure to create for them and a poem I’ve written dedicated to their vision and girls:


Dreams of Gems and Jewels

Your eyes glint
With passion for life,
Your dreams sparkle
So very bright.
You have purpose,
Worth, power and gifts
So walk and dream
With confidence…

You are one very special girl,
Who has the power to change the world.
You’re precious, unique, talented,
Intelligent too,
One day your dreams
Can come true!
This is why we celebrate you
Because you are truly
A Gem and Jewel!

More Information About the GEMS and Jewels Empowerment Group for Girls:

Website: http://www.gemsandjewelsgirl.com

Mission: The mission of the G.E.M.S. and Jewels program is to promote self-esteem, self-awareness, self worth and respect within the lives of young girls and teens. Through enrichment workshops/activities, cultural awareness, community service projects, mentorship, leadership/educational programs and social activities G.E.M.S. and Jewels will accomplish these goals and create confident young women who will make a difference in our world!

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  1. Awww, Julene..thank you so much for writing this beautiful blog and creating a poem that will be a part of our history as well as the beautiful booklet that each new member received during our kickoff! You are my inspiration and I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you in the enar future. Big hugs to you. May God continue to bless you and use your many God given talents! XOXO~Kara