Raven Symoné Presents…

I’ve been seeing so much about Ms. Raven-Symoné lately, and she is certainly doing her thing, living out her dreams and pursuing her creative passions. I posted a few days ago about her interview on Donny Deutsch, and I just read about her online on The Los Angeles Times (CEO Raven-Symoné, chief entertainment officer) and Black Enterprise (Raven-Symoné Gets Real About Fame, Flops, And The Pressures Of Young Hollywood).

She also appeared on Oprah a few weeks ago with the rest of the Cosby Show cast (click here to read about the show on the Oprah website) , and that’s when I found out about her new website, Raven Symoné Presents. In the she has videos showing how to make crafts, recipes, and all types of fun and practical things. Check it out!

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  1. i just watched BET’S top 25 under 25 and Raven is worth like $500 million, she’s def a business woman. I’ll be sure to check out her site.